Eric Leonhardt Brown is a singer/songwriter/producer who has been writing, recording and publishing music for nearly three decades. He started singing at the age of five in his mother's church, immersed himself in his parent's album collection (Dark Side of the Moon was his formative experience) and eventually formed his own rock band in high school, Nude Canoe. Nude Canoe recorded three albums and performed across southern Ohio from 1989-1992. The band was highlighted in the renowned 97X Final Four band competitions in 1990 and 1991, where they took second place and were regulars at the famous Canal Street Tavern in downtown Dayton, Ohio.
When Nude Canoe broke up in 1992, Eric formed a new band for a small project called Grasshopper Green, which included members from Dayton band Wallaroo South. Throughout the 90's he wrote, recorded and produced different music projects and published several books of poetry.
in 2005, Eric released an album of jazz and soul music, Simply Beautiful. In 2007 he formed Hipgnosis Records and produced several albums for other artists over the next few years, including Christian Berg and Silk Abrasion.
in January 2016, Eric embarked on a new album project, his most ambitious thus far. INVERSION is a vast project which covers many genres and features some amazing musicians from all over the native Dayton music scene landscape. INVERSION was born in the waters of grief and personal struggle that led Eric on a healing journey, an "Inversion" that inspired the music.
INVERSION was released in August 2016.

In less than a year, Eric was in the studio again with a new album project titled Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought. The new album in a conceptual interface about a character, Spooky Gladstone, and his personal struggles to maintain his humanity in an increasingly detached and digitized world. The songs on the new album are wildly innovative blending together elements of electronica, rock and jazz. Climbing Mountains is set for a September 2017 release.