Comrades In Sound

As we make this journey together watching the INVERSION project bloom, I wanted to say a little something about the 2 men I consider my right and left hands, artists of great talent, quality human beings and my comrades in sound; Matthew Shane Borders and John Paul Davis.
I have know Matt since 2nd grade! We have been longtime friends and formed our first band together in high school. We have collaborated on many musical adventures and we speak the same musical language. Matt is a consultant on this project and will be playing guitar on several tunes, as well as adding some vocals.
John resides in New York City and we have been friends for over a decade. We started Hipgnosis Records together in 2007 and have worked on many artistic endeavors together over the years. John is the executive producer for the INVERSION album and is involved in nearly all facets of the project.
I could not be more honored and blessed to have these great men working with me on INVERSION, the overall artistic integrity and quality of the album will soar just from their involvement!

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